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Please make sure you have the following items required to complete registration:

  • Federal Tax ID Number
  • Image of a voided check or bank letter
    • Letter must contain your account and routing numbers
    • You will upload this image
  • Your exact legal name that is associated with your 9-digit FEIN or FTIN.
  • District Information
  • Location and Mailing Address

Form Access Denied

Sorry for the inconvenience, but only MCC 8211 government entities can self-register through this form. If you do not meet that qualification please contact SchoolPay for more information on how you can register. We look forward to hearing from you!

District Information

I attest that I represent an MCC 8211 government entity.
Merchant Category Codes (MCC, also known as SIC) differentiate types of business and industry through transaction patterns and risk levels. They are used by the issuing bank to determine if they will except a transaction. Merchant Category Code 8211 is given to Elementary and Secondary schools.


Account Details


Location and Mailing Address

Authorized Billing Contact (Must be a person with signing authority, not a distribution or department):